Trauma screening and health assessments for unaccompanied asylum-seeking children


This was a pilot project supported by Evan Cornish. The evaluation considered whether there was a benefit in young people receiving an extended medical check with a clinician experienced in identifying and documenting human rights abuses. This check was much longer than currently available on the NHS, but considerably less than the time spent on medico-legal assessments. The outcomes looked for were clinical and legal.

Summary of the TID UASC/Social Services Project

“it enabled me to better understand the young person’s presentation and better support him through the asylum claim process and interview” social worker

27 young people were assessed and had a report produced.

The assessments commonly identified previously unrecognised psychological and risk issues; clinical findings likely to be the consequences of mistreatment and psychological factors affecting the young person’s ability to recount their experiences.

This service evaluation is currently being circulated in the hope that it will inspire some decisions about embedding screening for human rights abuses in the assessments of young people soon after they arrive in the UK.