Tools and Support materials

Screening tools for the NHS to identify and document human rights abuses

We have developed tools for use in clinical screening for human rights abuses. These include:

  • An electronic template for clinical screening. We are very grateful to Ardens who are a team of clinicians who develop electronic tools to aid clinical decision making. They have worked with us on developing an electronic template which will be available soon to all primary care users of SystmOne. SystmOne is one of the 2 main providers of IT to GP practices and other health-care settings. This template will make the documentation of human rights abuses efficient and result in a permanent record in the primary care notes with codes and problem headers, so these important findings can remain prioritised. TID will be training on how to use the templates in the near future.

Here is the link to the SystmOne template

Support materials and letter templates for NHS clinicians

In Yorkshire and Humber a need to help NHS clinicians and the voluntary sector deal with requests for support letters and reports was identified. It is not unusual for human rights abuses to be a factor in support requests. TID has written some materials:

Letters/reports about ASYLUM issues

  • Template for patient requests for medical information for their asylum claim
  • Template for legal representative/other organisation request for medical information relevant to a person’s asylum claim
  • Medical letter to request expedition of asylum claim
  • Medical letter to modify frequency of immigration reporting
  • Cover note about safe use of GP records in asylum claims (to use when GP record is requested)
  • Cover note about safe use of GP records in asylum claims (to use at new patient registration)

Letters about SUPPORT issues

  • Medical letter about Home Office accommodation problem (e.g. room sharing/requests to move)
  • Medical letter about dietary problems
  • Medical letter about poor accommodation conditions
  • Medical letter about damp/mould
  • Medical letter about council housing priority
  • Medical letter about concessionary travel
  • Letter about ID check and address confirmation for opening bank accounts

All these materials can be found here: Medical Letter and Report Requests (