If you are interested in joining TID

We have some opportunities for clinical volunteers and for some limited paid sessions.  This is currently in our screening pilot.

TID is a small organisation which is growing fast. Our volunteers contribute time, skills and contacts. Where we have people we can develop more services.

To work directly with clients you must be a qualified doctor, nurse or psychologist with a current licence to practice. You must be registered with a professional body and indemnified.

You need to be a GP/nurse/ANP/psychologist/consultant. Applications from trainees are welcome and dependent on level of training and experience. Applications from people who work on a regular basis with people seeking asylum are very welcome.

TID would require a DBS check.

TID would require you to undergo some formal training, continued professional development and regular supervision of your work.

We may have opportunities for other forms of support such as creating resources, evaluating projects and research if you are no longer working with patients.

Feel free to contact us at admin@tortureid.org for an informal chat with one of our clinicians.