In some areas we are able to take referrals from legal representatives and the voluntary sector.

Referrals are restricted at the moment but TID is growing fast so feel free to email us at if you are interested in exploring a partnership with TID. We develop new projects by matching interested clinicians with interested referrers in new locations.

Referrals for screening

See also the screening page of this website. At the moment TID is running a pilot project in Kirklees and referrals are received from a GP practice. TID cannot take other referrals at the moment but please express your interest as we will be looking for new sites for screening work soon.

Referrals for medico-legal reports

Please refer to the page of this website about medico-legal reports for specific referral information. We are currently closed to new referrers but are interested to hear from referrers who have identified a need for regular and early referrals for specialist, clinical assessments and reports in asylum claims.

Resources for Referrers

Please see also pages for Info for clients, Info for clinicians, Screening and Medico-legal Reports Service as there is overlap.


If you have seen a TID report and have any feedback for us please contact us at

If you are interested in partnership working, please contact us.

If you have skills and experience to offer, please let us know. As a young, small organisation we are looking for supporters and board members.