CURRENT workstreams

TORTUREID is currently offering 4 workstreams:

Reports requested by solicitors:

Our medico-legal reports service is currently closed to new referrals while we evaluate our priorities and concentrate more on screening.


We offer training in the identification, assessment and documentation of the health consequences of torture and other human rights abuses in people seeking asylum.  We are very keen to offer training for GPs and other front-line practitioners working with this client group.  We can deliver targeted training which takes into account what your services can realistically achieve, using flexible training methods to suit the needs of busy clinicians and colleagues.  We are able to offer this free or at very low cost. If you are interested in training, please email us at so we can discuss your requirements.

You can read more about the training offered to GPs in our first Pilot Project here:

Screening of people in hotels and initial accommodation

We are currently using grant funding to offer screening for human rights abuses to people who have claimed asylum and are accommodated in initial accommodation centres (IACs) and hotels in West Yorkshire.