Our mission

Our Mission is to identify, document and rehabilitate from consequences of torture and other forms of human rights abuses.


Many people who seek asylum in the UK have experienced human rights abuses. We aim for all to have the health consequences of these identified as soon as possible after their arrival. We offer training and support to enable clinicians to provide this as part of their everyday practice. We also offer a range of specialist assessments by clinicians trained in the internationally recognised standards of the Istanbul Protocol.


We aim for those who have experienced human rights abuse to have these adequately and promptly documented. We provide training and support to enable clinicians to document their findings appropriately in everyday clinical practice. We also offer specialist clinical assessments and reports, ranging from short reports on brief assessments, to more detailed medico-legal reports.


Rehabilitation after torture and other human rights abuse depends on both identification of clinical needs, and on appropriate decisions on asylum claims. We aim for clinical assessments that lead to identification and communication of treatment needs, and improved access to clinical evidence for decision-makers in the asylum system.