TID is an organisation founded in 2018 by a group of clinicians and lawyers. 

“We aimed to explore ways to deliver early, timely and effective clinical assessments to refugees who have experienced human rights abuses and applied for asylum, and to document these in concise reports. 

Through our work, we have seen significant numbers of people who have reported torture or extreme forms of abuse but have never had access to a health assessment to identify it or to document its’ effects, meaning survivors’ experiences go unidentified, undocumented, and ignored.  Further, in our experience, survivors’ unsupported accounts of torture or extreme forms of abuse are disbelieved by decision-makers and they are denied protection in the UK.

We share a common concern that the current failure to identify and document survivors of torture and/or severe ill-treatment further contributes to their dehumanisation. We believe that unless the physical, psychological and social consequences of torture and/or severe ill-treatment are recognised, the survivors’ right to rehabilitation is obstructed. Rehabilitation should enable a survivor to restore their human dignity and to rebuild their life. Rehabilitation should include medical and psychological care as well as legal and social services.” 

                                                                                                                                              – The Founding Group