Our Mission is early identification and documentation of human rights abuses among people who have sought asylum in the UK, to support their rehabilitation.


We identify the health consequences of torture and other forms of human rights abuse through specialist assessments by experienced clinicians trained in the internationally recognised standards of the Istanbul Protocol. We also offer training and support to enable more clinicians to offer such assessments, and to enable others to identify health consequences of human rights abuses in the context of their everyday practice.


We document health consequences of human rights abuses in clinical reports produced swiftly after each specialist assessment. We have a number of projects which range from screening clinical assessments to formal medico-legal report preparation. We also offer training to enable more clinicians to provide assessments and reports, and to enable others to document human rights abuses adequately in the context of their everyday practice.


We support rehabilitation by communicating treatment recommendations to GPs and others involved in the person’s care, and by improving access to clinical evidence to support early appropriate decisions on asylum claims. Such decisions can in turn have an extremely important therapeutic impact.

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TortureID is an organisation founded by a group of clinicians and lawyers in 2018 to explore ways to deliver early and effective medical assessments to people who have survived international human rights abuses and applied for asylum in the UK, and to produce documentary evidence of the clinician’s findings in a concise format.

TORTUREID is committed to safeguarding the privacy of its clients. Please read our Privacy Notice to see how personal data will be treated.

TORTUREID is a Registered Charity (Registered Charity Number 1204023) For all enquiries please e-mail Admin@tortureid.org.


TORTUREID was founded by a multi-disciplinary team of health and legal professionals all experienced in working with individuals who have been subjected to international human rights abuses and are seeking protection in the UK.